Two different variations are mainly used in applications: thin layer Duktilchrom® (2-10μm) and thick layer Duktilchrom® (up to 500μm). Because of its fine-grained structure - which means that it hardly forms beads, even on sharp edges - thin layer Duktilchrom® is particularly suited for coating cutting tools. Thanks to its extended operating life and anti-adhesive properties, you can count on high-performance output. Due to its structure, the thick layer is extremely resistant to wear, including abrasive wear, e.g. paper.

Duktilchrom® is authorized for the pharmaceutical and food industrie. Please contact us if you are interested in acquiring a permit.

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Cooling vanes

Prevention of abrasive wear in cigarette manufacturing thanks to a smooth and even thick layer coating. Standard hard chromium is less suitable here because of the "orange skin effect"

Rotor of a worm pump

In wastewater pumps with abrasive substances, the thick Duktilchrom® coating leads to extended operating lives, in spite of the high abrasive stress.

Pultrusion tools

With pultrusion moulds, complicated profiles can be manufactured by the metre with the help of extrusion processes. The mould is subject to abrasive wear because of the fillers in the product. A 30-50µm thick coating of Duktilchrom® minimises wear and leads to a significantly longer operating life.

Label dies

A 4-6µm thick coat of Duktilchrom® on magnetic label dies improves their cutting performance and operating life. Compared to hard chromium, Duktilchrom® minimises hydrogen embrittlement and avoids edge rounding.