Spitzke-Chromcarbid® (Thin layer chromium)

The "pearl" of the chromium coating family. Thanks to the pearl-like structure and the ionic bond of the chromium via a carbon atom, a coat forms whose adhesion to the base material is greater than the component's solidity. A coating suitable for extreme stress, including long-term exposure, for example in the bearing industry, where it also performs extremely well as a thin layer. In many cases it replaces thick layers of hard chromium.

If food or pharmaceutical products come into direct contact with a coating, it need to be very durable - which includes resistance against cleaning and disinfection agents - so that it can't contaminate the products. You need a special permit before using this kind of coating for these applications.

Please contact us if you are interested in acquiring a permit.

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Prevention of cold welding when steel tubes are "inflated" in a mould to manufacture exhaust pipe components.

Pump housings

Interior coating with 300µm Duktilchrom® plus to prevent abrasion and cold welding.

Piston rings

Precision chromium carbide coating on the flanks of piston rings for ship engines prevents premature wear.