Electroless Nickel

In electroless nickel coating, all the wet surfaces of a component are coated almost uniformly by immersing it in a corresponding bath. The coat has extremely high corrosion and chemical resistance. When subjected to heat treatment, a coat of electroless nickel can become almost as hard as hard chromium, making it the ideal solution for certain applications. Because its thickness is nearly uniform over the entire surface, this coating can also be used to correct measurements in moulds where post-treatment is impossible.

We also coat aluminium and all its alloys.

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On the pump component of an aircraft turbine, up to 100ľm electroless nickel can restore the measurements of a new part without further post-treatment.

Even distribution of coating

Coating on a thread. No raised edges or layer loss at lower depths.

Aluminium housing

10 μm electroless nickel protects an aluminium part from tarnishing, corrosion and wear.