Damage assessment

Unfortunately, even coated surfaces can become damaged during use. This can be caused by flawed design or faulty manufacturing. Damage assessment can often find the problem and take care of it. We help you analyse what is causing the damage and give you support in correcting it.


Pinhead-sized pores formed in the chromium of thick layer coating on the piston of a homogenizing machine (Example). By studying the base material (purity testing) and cross sections of the chromium coating at the location of the pores (Example), we were able to show that globular inclusions in the base material 1.4542 were being set free during pre-treatment, causing 30-40µm-sized holes to form. These kinds of holes form pores during the coating process because the hydrogen that is released prevents coating at that particular spot.

Solution: Ensure purity of the base material according to the steel and iron test sheet SEP (Stahl-Eisen-Prüfblatt) 1570 at a maximum of 8,3 in the OG series (oxide, globular form).