Our range of services

For more than 35 years, Spitzke has been supplying its customers mainly with functional, but also with decorative surfaces. Functional coating gives components one or more specific properties that they need for application. With decorative surfaces, the way they look is more important. We offer not only standard procedures of the electrocoating industry, but also our own high-performance coating technologies.

Our customers come from all industries such as from aviation, from the tool and mold making and mechanical engineering. In particular for aviation, we work according to specific customer requirements and standards. You can find an overview of our current Approvals and Standards here.

In order to decide which coating is suitable for an application, you can first consult our “Properties and applications” chart, which is based on our experience with a variety of applications and solutions. Of course the chart can’t replace customised consulting by our trained personnel, since every application is different.

You can access the “Properties and applications” chart here.